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The DNA of Incidents: Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis focuses on the direct cause of incident within the workplace . By executing a root cause analysis, it allows you to eliminate or prevent the same incident from recurring again in the future. It also reduces the risks of death and injury within the facility and its surroundings. You can also avoid [...]

The DNA of Incidents: Root Cause Analysis2020-07-29T15:19:21+08:00

Risk Assessments and Why They Matter

Risk Management and Employee Safety Risk assessments are an essential aspect of risk management. This tool assesses the likelihood of potential adverse events, their consequences, and the impact on the possible employees, which allows management to identify these risks and takes steps to mitigate these risks. This tool exposes a firm's vulnerabilities and hazards, which [...]

Risk Assessments and Why They Matter2020-07-29T14:45:04+08:00

Corrosion Under Insulation : Management Using Risk-Based Inspection Approach

Corrosion under insulation is the cause of many of the process industry’s most pressing problems. These problems include forced shutdowns, lost productions, early repair and replacements, and other safety and environmental consequences – resulting in billion dollars worth of capital loss and additional money which could be spent productively elsewhere. The US Chemical Safety Board [...]

Corrosion Under Insulation : Management Using Risk-Based Inspection Approach2020-07-09T11:32:31+08:00

Practicing Data-Driven Decision Making

There are many studies which show the benefits which businesses and workplace can encounter when they are integrating the use of data within their decision making. This includes day to day operation to critical decisions that may have an impact on the whole organization. However, there are industries already involved using various amounts of data [...]

Practicing Data-Driven Decision Making2020-06-15T10:32:07+08:00

Factors Affecting Your Data Quality

Data quality is the quantitative and qualitative state in which your data is used for its intended purposes. This may revolve around operations and processes, decision making, and preparation. Due to its critical nature in both day to day processes and ad-hoc tasks, management and employees must understand the factors that affect their data quality. [...]

Factors Affecting Your Data Quality2020-05-21T10:16:25+08:00