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completes the plan-do-check-act cycle

Our AXIS Software is a user-friendly, intuitive, and web-based software. It is specifically designed to manage data collection and offers an efficient method in minimizing risk to critical assets. A valuable addition to your asset integrity process at any stage of your business.

It auto creates work packs

AXIS software Auto create workpack

It collects data and images digitally

AXIS software Inspect and collect data digitally

It offers clear simple dashboards

AXIS sofware Simple, clear dashboards

Featured sources

The Technology Catalogue

“The Technology Catalogue is all about connecting technologies to operators and end-users to address challenges and opportunities across the global energy resources sector.

The challenge many Australian operators and technology end-users face is that there are thousands of technologies on the market, but it can feel impossible to quickly find what is available and compare it to other options. This is where the Australian Technology Catalogue portal comes in.”

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Realise the Power of your Inspection Data with AXIS


We have teamed up with and NERA for a 30-minute FREE webinar that showcases how AXIS can add value to your company, save you time, manage your data and more!

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What people say …

“Good decisions are based on good information. Cygnus AS gives us rapid access to all the facts.”

“Up to 70% of inspection hours were used for reporting. I can now do the same with the click of a button.’

“Clean user interface with clever smarts in the background.”

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