Maintenance and Reliability

The primary focus is on maintenance efficiency and maintenance management supported by reliability programs. Cygnus will minimise your business risk by ensuring your rotating equipment is fully available. 

Reliability, Availability, and Maintenance Modelling for Maintenance Management

Cygnus uses RAM modelling to investigate origins of loss of functional availability and issues that may affect the functionality and propose improvements to the asset’s design, maintenance regime, and maintenance management.

maintenance management

Reliability Centered Maintenance Program

Cygnus’ Reliability-Cantered Maintenance (RCM) uses the AXIS software to help you prioritise maintenance plans to focus on the assets that are most critical to your operations.

The process is built on a failure modes effects and criticality analysis (FMECA) methodology. This is used to analyse the impact of failures in a system.

After identifying failures in the system through AXIS’s work management process, RCM is used to determine the appropriate maintenance tasks to address each of the identified failure modes and their consequences.

maintenance management

Maintenance Optimisation

Cygnus uses your CMMS historical data of past repairs and maintenance actions to quickly and effectively identify gaps and improvement opportunities in maintenance programs – ensuring optimal maintenance management.

The methodology uses a specialised software tool with a Natural Language Understanding Process (NLUP) for analysis of unstructured text, such as text found in fields for opening and closing comments in maintenance work reports.

maintenance management

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