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Our Asset Integrity Services


We help our clients maintain their assets optimally and sustainably throughout their asset life cycle – in the most cost-effective way.

Risk Based Inspection Analysis

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) is a risk assessment and management process. RBI can be applied to all types of pressure retaining equipment. We execute RBI on your assets to optimize your inspection process.

Integrity Operating Windows Development

This is a set of limitations that can determine the different variables and contributors that may affect the integrity and reliability of an asset. We provide the development and implementation of IOWs in your asset management strategy.

Inspection Engineering & Assessment

Inspection Engineering and Management processes are important as it sets out to maintain the quality of your assets in both existing and future developments to ensure that they are prolonged throughout their life cycles. Our consultants offer this service for your highly-valued assets.

Technical & Engineering Assessments

A wide range of engineering assessments such as Fitness-For-Service, Condition Assessment for Life Extension, Risk-Based Inspection, and Non-Intrusive Inspection.


Materials and Corrosion Engineering Services

Corrosion can be one of the biggest factors to reducing your asset’s life cycle. We carry out both Corrosion Under Insulation Assessment and Non-Intrusive Inspection


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