Asset Integrity

Cygnus helps you maintain your assets optimally throughout your asset life cycle. Services include Risk-Based Inspection Analysis, Integrity Operating Windows Development, Inspection Engineering, and Technical and Engineering Assessments such as Non-destructive Testing 

Risk Based Inspection Analysis

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) is a risk assessment and management process. RBI can be applied to all types of pressure retaining equipment. Cygnus has developed an RBI methodology that is in line with the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards. These assessments are consistent and cost-effective and use industry best practices. Similar to non-destructive testing this aids in optimally increasing the asset’s lifespan.

We execute the RBI process on your assets to optimise your inspection process.

risk based inspection

Integrity Operating Windows Development

Processes are not always stable either through upsets or feedstock variations. When changes to operating conditions affect key process variables new damage mechanisms may be introduced and corrosion rates may accelerate. These excursions/upsets are typically not considered and their impact not examined.

Cygnus helps develop integrity operating windows.  We evaluate the potential damage mechanisms and establish the limits to ensure that the service life of the equipment is acceptable.

risk based inspection

Inspection Engineering

Work scope Preparation
Cygnus can help develop efficient and effective work packs for smart management of your inspection activities and sub-contractors. You are ensured that the correct inspection techniques are selected and that they are in the right location. We secure the minimization of confined space entry by using efficient remote visual inspection and non-destructive testing and technologies.

Inspection review
We review inspection reports, assess inspector recommendations, update the CMMS with completion comments.

Updating RBI
Cygnus will carry out Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) reviews and Inspection Management System updates on completed inspections.

risk based inspection

Technical & Engineering Assessments

Cygnus will conduct Assessments over a wide range of engineering assessments such as Fitness-For-Service, Condition Assessment for Life ExtensionCorrosion under Insulation (CUI) and Non-Destructive Testing for your facilities’ critical assets.

Materials and Corrosion Engineering Services

Materials Engineering and Failure Investigations
A thorough materials failure analysis is a key component of the overall root cause analysis of a particular material, component or plant failure. Cygnus has the range of skills, expertise and techniques to be able to conduct failure analysis for a wide range of materials and components.

Corrosion Risk Assessment
Corrosion related failures of processing facilities are a major source of risk affecting the life of process equipment and pipelines resulting in leakage, product loss, environmental pollution and loss of life.

Cygnus can provide practical and cost effective Corrosion Risk Assessments; we use sensible prediction methods and have a thorough understanding of damage mechanisms and process factors. We use the corrosion risk analysis results in the risk-based inspection (RBI) assessment.

Let Cygnus maintain your assets optimally throughout your asset life cycle – in the most cost-effective way.